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Posted by ext_2102593 on 2013.08.07 at 14:55
Joe, one thing that left a VERY sour taste in my mouth about the situation you are describing and others like is was that so many peers felt like they could not do anything because they were in fealty to the Crown, who was the problem. I was incensed that "being in fealty" meant "standing by and watching people get hurt and abused because your responsibility to the Crown outweighed your responsibility to the populace." Fealty does not mean letting the Crown roll over you. It means supporting them, disagreeing with them, giving them the room to make mistakes when necessary, and stopping them cold when those mistakes cross the line from 'human error' to 'human asshat.'

Like any other generalized statement, this is not true about all of us, but the Peers of Caid behaved horribly in that situation. Some of us did everything we could to confront the problem, but most of us did not. It was a travesty.


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