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An SCA reality-check

Posted on 2013.08.06 at 12:12


vt6000 at 2013-08-07 16:31 (UTC) (Link)
Never thought i would be posting in LJ again..

Joe you are right, pretty much spot on. I look at being a peer as middle management. We are the cast members at disneyland responsible to helping make the magic happen. The truth is we get to see backstage quite often and backstage just sucks sometimes. As far as the termoil in Caid when duke so and so was removed .(we all know who it is ) some peers fought back. But it was the figting back so late in the game that was the problem. The drama had happened and it was more like closing the barn door after the cow got out. I for one was a new comer to the shenanigans that happened and the abuse that had been going on for years. Wen called upon i did my part and helped correct the problem... There were peers that didn't, thats for sure. Ad there were peers that sat the fence and waited to see what the majority would do then they jumped on the band wagon ... Taking care of the problem when it happens regardless of the fallout should be the priority as a peer, because WE are responsible for making the magic happen as well as lowering the boom stick...

I for one hate that part of the job but it has to be done.
Forinstance when my squire was asked to join the order i opposed it.. With a resounding not yet. He had a little more work to do on his maturity level. As pained as it made me to say that i did. And when they knighted him i was still opposed. He has after his knighting grown up nicely and become truly a knight. He grwew rapidly after his elevation.

Miss you guys hope to see you at a Pennsic one of these times.


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