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I'm ready..

Posted by peterlicious on 2014.04.16 at 21:04
To be happy again.

The Job Search

Posted by legolas18 on 2014.04.15 at 17:55
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I had a had interview with the people in South Florida yesterday. It was via Skype, which makes it hard to read people, but I felt good about it I should hear back from the, in the next week or so.

Today I got a call from Baton Rouge wanting to know my availability for a second interview there. It has taken forever to get to this point but I definitely want it.


Posted by madbaker on 2014.04.14 at 12:56
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Last week's Resolution Recipe, which I made yesterday: Chocolate Walnut Cookies.
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About as good as it could have gone

Posted by madbaker on 2014.04.13 at 20:45
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Final pick-up rehearsal today for next weekend. Half the cast missing for various and sundry reasons, but we did what we could and had a decent run-through of the bits we could do. ("Same play! 10% different jokes!")

However, as we were doing a physical bit, my foot slipped - and I fell onto the concrete floor. I landed directly on my tailbone. I suspect I'm bruised there and my arm is a bit sore. However, nothing is broken or sprained or (apparently) serious. I think when I did the cartoon trip - fly into prone position - slam on ground, I hit just about perfectly.

Ow. But almost any other landing would have been worse.

Mystery Wool

Posted by moira_ramsay on 2014.04.08 at 19:46
Mystery Wool - 4 ounces - Chain/Navajo Plied - 380 yards
Used a chunk to may a pair of fingerless gauntlets that I gave to a good friend.

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Funky Carolina

Posted by moira_ramsay on 2014.04.08 at 19:41
Funky Carolina - 4 ounces - 2 ply - 1100 yards laceweight
I am still trying to decide which shawl pattern I want to use

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Louet Northern Lights

Posted by moira_ramsay on 2014.04.08 at 19:37
Louet Northern Lights - Wool Pin Roving
6 ounces - 3 ply - 550 yards
No planned pattern

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Tussah Silk

Posted by moira_ramsay on 2014.04.08 at 19:32
Tussah Silk - One Ounce - 350 yards 2-ply.
I spun this with the intent for my a good friend as well as my Laurel to be able to hand sew for embellishment or possibly embroider with.

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Black Trillium Eillif 8 oz

Posted by moira_ramsay on 2014.04.08 at 19:28
Black Trillium - 8 ounces of fiber - I started plying this today as a 3 ply. I look forward to the finished yarn. I have no plans for the finished yarn yet.

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Judy's Novelty Wool -

Posted by moira_ramsay on 2014.04.08 at 19:22
Judy's Novelty Wool - Henson Reunion '04
3 ply - 500 yards - Fingering weight
No planned pattern yet, but there is plenty for a small shawllette

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