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August 27th, 2013

Lighten Up!

Posted on 2013.08.27 at 12:37
For a good chunk of my life, various people would tell me, “Dude, quit bein’ so uptight” or some flavor of that phrase. Few things made me quite as angry as that – because uptight people don’t like to be called out on their uptightness. The truth is, yes indeedy, I really did take myself, and life, far too seriously. But the fact is, such anxiety-filled an existence leads to more than just terminal-constipation – it leads to missing out on the chance to laugh – whether it be at oneself or just the sheer ridiculousness of a situation. And let’s face it – the world could use a bit more laughter. With that in mind, I have an observation to make about events over this past week or so.

I’m not quite sure what is going on in the universe, but I think it fair to say that the constellation of “Stick-Up-The-Ass” must be in alignment with “Diva”. Why? Because I have been dealing with a few people lately in completely unrelated situations who are taking themselves WAAAAAAAAAAAY too seriously.

And trust me – if >> I << am saying that someone is taking themselves way too seriously, that is saying something!!!!!!!

I know a few different guys right now who are really seriously into their gym workouts. And I think that is Great, Awesome, Wonderful, and Inspiring! And for them, it is all-consuming because it is taking up a lot of their time. OK, that’s fine too. I get that it is their focus. But in a random conversation, I will ask a very innocent question about one aspect of what they are doing. (“What does this do?” or “How long do you need to do that particular thing?”) And each one of them has snapped back at me as if I have just effectively undermined absolutely everything they are doing. I hold back from replying, “Dude! CHILL-THE-FUCK-OUT!” because I know it won’t do any good. The fact is, it is a double-whammy of an insult. Here it is I am taking the time – TAKING THE TIME – to follow and encourage you in your personal endeavor and goal. And when I TAKE THE TIME to show interest in what you are doing, you snap at me? Really? You’re so strung-out that you are lashing out at a nice guy who is being encouraging and showing interest in what is important to you? Fine. No more of that. That’s a little bit more time I can dedicate to people who know how to treat me with more respect and appreciation.

I have posted a few very random thoughts lately on FB that are expressing my opinion typically in a funny manner. Most people get it and laugh with me. But there are a few who can be counted on to twist what I am saying into something rude or insulting when that is in no way the intent. We’re not talking about the random misunderstanding – we’re talking about the person who can constantly CONSTANTLY be counted upon to take offense. B-bye now. You’re not on my Friend list anymore and I really don’t want to have anything to do with feeding your need to be angry with the world.

When I go out to the bar or a party or whatever, I smile a lot and I am complimentary. If you have a nice smile, or I like your shirt, or whatever – I’ll probably tell you so. And most people were raised well-enough to know that the proper response is, “Thank you.” But a few guys out there climb up onto their soapboxes and decide to school me. I’ve gotten a couple of adamant “I’m not interested!” flip responses, which leave me rather slack-jawed. Call me crazy, but I fail to see where, “that’s a great shirt” translates to “I want to rip you away from your life, use you, abuse you, and cast you aside like all the others”. I have a fantastic life. I have the bestest husbear ever. Please save your performance for Narcissist Theatre.

And then we have the revisiting of Old Issues. In just about every aspect of my day for the last week or so, I have seen a few issues resurface that have resulted in a lot of ire. What I find interesting is the fact that they aren’t new issues – they are repeats of similar situations with similar people. Yet, this week, it seems like the villagers are FAR more upset over reports of crop circles than they were last month… or the month before… or before. Seriously, people… calm down and quit taking things so seriously!

I guess my point is this – I look back at various times in my life when I surrounded myself with a cloud of concern as I took life too seriously. And sadly, the sunlight rarely got through. That’s really no way to live – not for me – and not for the divas out there who have been taking life Too Seriously. So my advice, for what it is worth - take a break! Go get a nice latte or cup of tea. Stop and smell the roses. Smile! Read the funnies. And give people the benefit of the doubt – maybe – just maybe – if you look for the positives of life, things might just look up for you.

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