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August 6th, 2014

The “Popular” committee

Posted on 2014.08.06 at 12:38
I’m sure I must make quite the pathetic visual when I leave the gym. Sweating, moving at a snail’s pace, and often grunting as I climb the stairs or the parking lot ramp to get to my Jeep, I am anything but a bouncy gym-bunny all stoked from the pheromones associated with a good workout. Far from delusional, I realize that in my middle-age I have been rough on my body in my years. Some parts done gots broken. Some are beat-up. And some are just not quite as in-tune as they once were. Getting my exercise certainly does well to keep the excess fat at bay and helps prevent me from getting worse. But it is never easy. By the time I reach my Jeep, I sling my gym bag into the back with an “oooof”, climb in with an “ugh”, and land in the driver seat with an “ouch”. By this point, I’m usually chuckling over my own old-manisms and smile as I start the trip back home for a well-earned rest.

The other day, I turned the volume up on the radio as a song off of Daughtry’s first album came on. I’ve always loved Daughtry’s music. He has, I believe, four albums out now. And I have all of them. Yet, I really haven’t heard much radio play of any of the newer stuff. And that seems strange to me. While I am no music expert (dots on a page to me), I know what I like to listen to. And all four of his albums are, in my opinion, fantastic. But for some reason, the radio stations will only play key songs from the first album, one or two from the second album, and that’s it.

Why? Yes, I know that there is a whole industry and psychology and money-making-machine behind it all, with various statistics that probably would boggle my mind. But I really wish it weren’t that way. Of course, “popular” music has very little to do with people actually liking it. More likely, it comes down to a new song being one that was specifically chosen by the industry to be force-fed down our throats. And honestly, I just wish it weren’t that way. I would just like more variety. Sure, I could pay for satellite radio or something like that. But, tightwad that I am, I wish it were just… there.

I listen to the radio constantly. At work I always have my earbuds on and I am listening to the top 40 countdown. And let me tell ya, I can’t make any sense out of what makes things “popular”. Some songs, in my mind, are catchy and cute and different and make sense to be in the top 40 of popular tunes. Then there are other tunes that lead me to switch the station or block it from my playlist because they are just that horrible. Those are the times that I want to go to that special room, hidden deep within the American-mind-control-think-tank and say, “Um, excuse me, but… WTF were you thinking? Nikki Minaj is an assault to the senses. I’m no longer “Happy” listening to “Happy”. And for Pete’s sake, deport Beiber!”

Oh, to be in charge of the “popular” committee!!!! If it were up to me, there would be a lot more variety of music on the radio. Art would not be considered art (or even exhibited), if it wasn’t painfully clear to all if it were hanging upside down. And the vast majority of Reality TV out there would be scrapped.

Oh… to be the benevolent dictator of popular! Heather #1! Trend-setter and leader-of-the-pack! Oh, how things would be different if I ran that committee in that red, white, and blue think tank of ‘merica. But alas, I don’t.

I guess I’ll just go back to listening to the radio. Oh gee… “Happy” is playing… again.

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