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August 8th, 2014

My week

Posted on 2014.08.08 at 12:37
The dawn shines brightly.
Shards of glass to the eyeballs!
Where’s my damned coffee?

Today is the day
Gonna do ALL the things! Wait…
…that couch looks comfy.

Which do you prefer?
The rack? Or iron maiden?
I’ve arrived at work.

Please no. Not again.
Tired of this discussion!
I can’t fix stupid.

This thing doesn’t work.
“Let’s try what we did last time.”
Sure that makes sense… NOT!

Eyes roll from The Dumb.
“Fuck You!” plays on my iphone.
Sez it all, don’t it?

I’ll be virtuous.
Today I’m gonna eat right.
Hello chocolate bar!

I’m willing to try.
I’d like to do weight-lifting.
My knees say, “Hell NOOOOOO!!!”

Oh no! Please not that!
Namaste my ass.

I feel pretty good.
A Greek God jogs right past me
and steals my happy.

Gay marriage panic.
“Just wait! God will punish you!”
Guess what? She hasn’t.

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