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Mediocre review

Posted on 2013.08.05 at 12:51
In typical Monday mode, I find myself reflecting on the coolness of the past weekend, which in this case is shrouded a bit in “meh”. It really shouldn’t be. After all, I got to dance. I got to relax. I got to spend quality time with friends. I got to spend quality time with my hubby. And I got quality time with my peeps in the SCA.

So why “meh”?

Because sadly, this was another one of those weekends where my mind said, “YES!” to everything, but my body went, “Whoa there, mister!” Basically, I had to take a breather here and a rest there, pop a bunch of ibuprofen one minute for all the muscle aches, and take a nap later on when my body decided to either shut down or begin giving me the shakes.


Seriously, it is like somebody threw a switch when I turned 45, and suddenly I just seem to require more sleep than I used to. And if my body doesn’t get enough rest – it rebels. No, not just yawning, but all kinds of weird warning signs – anything from body aches to stomach aches to headaches to freaky sweats or shakes (depending on how far I push myself after the initial “take a rest now” internal buzzer goes off).

I know – logic dictates – “OK, so if you’re tired, just take a break and rest”. Sounds easy enough, right? Not for ADD-boy here. As long as my mind races, and there is something shiny within sight, I want to run, run, run! I think I’ve always been that way.

Sigh. I know, I really have no reason to bitch. I’m happy, healthy, and accomplished. But I’m not liking being a slave to my body when it occasionally gives me these sudden ultimatums.

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