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An SCA reality-check

Posted on 2013.08.06 at 12:12


Christian Dor
Christian Dor at 2013-08-07 10:11 (UTC) (Link)


It's not a job that is for everyone. In fact, if a person is not passionate about it, it is not for them as they will soon burn out. Too often I see people expect others to be working toward membership in those working circles (peerages plus those lower rank circles that manages a particular activity within their kingdom) whether they are suited for the JOB or not.

I have often made the point that it is ok to participate in the activities of the SCA just for fun and learning. No one needs to be going for a peerage to enjoy making art, fighting, or running a tourney. Also, our time as teachers is not wasted if our student does not become a Peer, White Scarf, Arc d'Or, Golden Lance, etc. So long as they learn it is a success.

We need to be careful not to run off those who choose not to become one of the leaders but just want to enjoy these activities. And we absolutely need to avoid inducting people into these orders just because they are very good at arts or fighting.
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