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Random Stream of Consciousness

Mispeling is an artform!

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Cynical? Moi?
25 March 1968
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Hello world, and welcome to my LJ.

Here's the basics on me...

I live in Historic French Park, Santa Ana, CA. I'm a very out n' proud gay man who came to that realization pretty darned late - a week before my divorce was finalized, in fact. I have waaaaaay too many hobbies. And I'm fairly obsessed with history (yes, we are SCA geeks). Yet despite that, I actually function rather well in the real world.

I have a gorgeous husband named Paul. We tied the knot on the city hall steps of San Francisco (two days before the damned courts ordered a cease and desist), and had our church wedding in December of 2004. When the day comes for legal marriage, I think we'll probably put on trench coats, walk down to city hall, and do things as quietly as possible. But we'll still take additions to the silver pattern! :-)

We live in a big Edwardian house with our three cats, and an assortment of very cool roommates.

While there is a time and place for all things, both uber laid-back and formal, I tend to consider myself a casual kinda guy. Well... casual in that "gotta move, gotta go, gotta do twenty things at a time!" kinda way. I don't wear cut-offs to work, but I absolutely detest wearing ties.

My life nowadays is consumed with fixing up the house, lots of artsy projects, chattering away with friends close-by and far-away, and trying to have as much quality time with Paul as possible. I apologize right now for my lack of spell-check. Whether it is A.D.D., or just not caring, I can't say that I am the most prized of writers. But, I hope that I can occassionally convey a picture from the scattered realms of my brain.

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